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Is your data protected?

Does your business rely on historical or compliance Data to maintain functionality?
Hardware failure, theft, or malware infection (such as the cryptolocker ransomware attack) can make recovering data that is critical to your business expensive or impossible. To avoid this, you need to back-up your data.
We recently had a Business Owner come to us in a panic as his hard drive had failed and the backups that he believed were being done were not! Loosing compliance documentation meant that he was at a huge risk of hefty fines or worse. We were able to recover his data after weeks of diagnostics and almost $5000 later. Not to mention the additional cost from loss of productivity. Can your business afford that?
M Group offer a range of Managed Services that will ensure your business is protected.
Bad things happen to good people. Phones get stolen, laptops get dropped, tablets get misplaced all the time insurance may cover the cost of a new device but will your business be able to recover fro…

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