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Financial Services

Are you buried in paperwork, bills and jobs you haven't invoiced for?
M Group Financial takes the headache out of paperwork. Let the team at M Group take care of your bookkeeping so that you can do what you do best, being brilliant and making the bacon!
To find out what we can do for you and to discuss your business’ needs give us a call on (02) 6362 8204.



We recently sent out an email with information regarding "WannaCry" Ransonware. Well, now there is another story in the news involving Vic Police and the Speed cameras in Victoria. It seems they've been hit by the "WannaCry" variant.

"Victoria Police has suspended 8000 tickets issued for speed and red light infringements after finding the WannaCry ransomware that infected 55 road safety cameras was more widespread than initially thought."

"Assistant commissioner Doug Fryer said the force was assuming the state's entire fleet of 280 cameras was infected "out of an abundance of caution" until an investigation into the matter was complete."

“The infection has been blamed on a maintenance worker employed by camera operator RedFlexconnecting a USB drive containing the malware to the camera system unwittingly.”

Read more Here:

This is a sobering reminder that no-one is immune to Cyber threats! The best way to protect you and your business against data loss is to have backups, upon backups, upon backups!

Our new Managed Backup service affords you peace of mind knowing that your data is, whilst stored locally, also stored securely in a co-location data centre in Sydney. Our Archive process means these backups are stored indefinitely and can be restored at any point as required.

For any more information on our Managed Backup Service, advice on security and the best back up practices, give the team at M Group a call on (02) 6362 8204, or call into our office at 13 William Street Orange.



All the beautiful products at M Group are created by wonderful talented artisans and each week brand new and of course gorgeous products to sell in store and online are brought in. We have complied a list of all new products that have arrived over the last month.

1. Say goodbye to torn pages and ratty books with the fabric books by Paddy Paws! Bright colours and there are different sizes. They are certainly the perfect gift for bub!

2. Country Designs has released their new Lux Candle range. With so many scents and over 55 hours of burn times, these gorgeous soy candles would be the perfect addition to any home.

3.  With the recent cold snap across Australia, Windera designs has dropped in some brand new scarves to keep you warm this winter. With so many different designs and lengths too they are the perfect accessory.

 4. The popular Lavender tea coaster by Smitten designs is back in stock in and so many designs. The heat from your cup of tea or coffee released a relaxing lavender throughout your home.

5. Another new arrival from Country designs are these adorable bow clips! Available in leather & glitter they are certainly adorable & makes the perfect hair accessory!

 6. Earrings- there is no such thing as too many pairs! The Sarbie collection has created these certainly unique copper drop earrings with different sizes and styles- they will make the perfect jewellery piece.

7. Another hair accessory- Missy’s handcrafted earrings & accessories have dropped in two packs of snap fabric hair clips.

These are only just a few the new products that have just arrived. Be sure to like and follow us on our social media to see all our new products or pop in store at 13 William Street, Orange NSW



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